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Jul 11 2011

Research on Nasal Specific Technique for Chronic Sinusitis

Even though several chiropractic colleges teach the Nasal Specific Technique for the management of chronic sinusitis and headaches/migraines, very few of the graduating chiropractors choose to continue this practice.  For more info, see Dr. Noah Edvalson’s page on Nasal Specific Technique.   In fact, as far as I know, there are only one or two other chiropractors in Boise, ID that practice this technique.   Despite being very effective for these conditions, it is rarely used by practicing clinicians.  A nice research study done by Dr. Lynch of Western States Chiropractic College demonstrated that many patients with chronic head and sinus pain got little relief from adjustments alone, but had a statistically significant improvement when Nasal Specific Technique was added to the treatment protocol.  See the PubMed article on Nasal Specific Technique.

So, why don’t more chiropractors utilize this technique?  First of all, it takes time – and time is money.  You have to prep the inflation bulb by attaching finger cots, then lubricate them and insert a total of eight times into the nose.  Second, it is delicate and requires a specific skill that must be maintained in order to keep performing it.  Lastly, this procedure is not always covered by insurance, so there is a fear that you are wasting your time doing things that won’t be reimbursed.  However, if it helps patients, then it seems worth the extra time and effort to me.  I usually recommend a three treatment course, but most patients see some results after just one or two treatments in the form of decreased headaches/migraines, easier breathing, and better mucous drainage.  If you are tired of using the same prescription to manage your migraines or chronic sinus infections, then maybe you should try a course of treatments with Nasal Specific Technique.

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